RFID Measurement unit



measure upto 1.5GHz

GA4911 RFID tag tester, provide UHF RFID tags test solutions, versatile, lightweight, streamlined, hardware design out of the box operation,
Users can set up the system at any location can be carried out to test the performance of the electronic tag. Mainly used for UHF RFID tags manufacturers, research and design units, conducted Tag antenna design, design
verification, production test.

RFID tag tester provides ultra-high frequency RFID users, multi-function ISO / IEC18000-6C (EPC Class1 Gen2) ultra-high frequency electronic tag test solution; the instrument test speed, cost-effective; particularly suitable for RFID tag production, Integrated use of small and medium enterprises.

  • The operator can use the instrument in the field, for electronic tag performance test; instrument volume is small, the installation is simple.
  • Label manufacturers, label research and development units, academic research units can use the instrument, the antenna design, design verification, production testing; system integrators can also use the instrument to help system erection and troubleshooting, electronic tag selection and paste With the way

Expandable frequency upto 1.5GHz

Receiver sensitivity -70dBm


ISO/ IEC18000-6C (EPC Class1 Gen2) Protocol

RFID R&D and Manufacturing


  • Can be based on your different needs of the software to customize and expand
  • Interface: 10 / 100MHz Ethernet communication interface
  • Communication instruction set: to provide a full range of SCPI instructions;
  • Supporting Protocol:ISO 18000-6C
  • Frequency can be expanded 700~1500MHz
  • Customized according to your requirements:Communication instruction set, custom API interface, Batch test software, Online testing software
  • Automated test software with hardware dongle to protect your software’s specificity and data privacy



Technical Specification

 GA4911 RFID Measurement
Frequency rangeStandard sweep range800 ~ 1000MHz
Broadband sweep range700 ~ 1200MHz
Scalable sweep range700 ~ 1500MHz
Maximum output power700 ~ 1000MHz0 ~ 28dBm
1000 ~ 1200MHz0 ~ 26dBm
Receiver sensitivity-70dBm
InterfaceSupport 10/100M Ethernet
Weight< 9kg
Size435x460 x150 cm
Power110~240V, 50/60Hz

Sensitivity measurement of the critical point

Sensitivity threshold test, is in our automatic test software according to your needs in the band (or select the standard band we provide), first set the scanning frequency range, scan step after the start measurement;

The system will measure the minimum starting power of the tag at each step frequency point (the lowest response power of the active tag), and the test results in the relationship between the sensitivity and frequency of the tag;

The label design engineer can use this actual measurement result to compare with the estimated value, and then can quickly know the label performance and the estimated value of the deviation; to decide whether to take this design and correction program.

Measurement results can be expressed as: (X axis) corresponding to the test frequency point, (Y axis) were the label theory read distance and the label forward power。

Measurement Functions

Application software provides a simple, economical operation test for the label test. According to customer requirements, it can be customized different test software

Test Accessories

Broadband Antenna (Flat LPDA) 1.5GHz

Antenna Support Table

Wideband RF Cable

RFID Anehoic chamber (GA4911Y1)

Compact, shielded and anechoic cabinet for measuring RFID tags and antennas. The cabinet is especially designed for the UHF RFID range and integrates seamlessly with the GA4911 RFID measurement unit.

Taking into account the UHF RFID tag operating in the 900MHz band, normal work Environmental impact of the measure and in order to more accurately measure,this anechoic chamber is provided for more reliable, professional test results.


PC Software

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