GA40xx Spectrum Analyzer

Technical Specification
Frequency Range9kHz~1.5GHz9kHz~3GHz9kHz~1.5GHz9kHz~3GHz9kHz~7.5GHz
Aging Rate±1ppm /year±0.1ppm /year
Frequency Readout Accuracy with MarkerMarker Resolution: (frequency span)/(sweep points-1)
Uncertainty:±(frequency indication × frequency reference uncertainty+1%×span+10%×resolution bandwidth + marker resolution +1Hz)
Sweep TimeRange: 10 ms ~ 3000 s (SPAN>100Hz) Sweep mode: continuous, single Trigger source: Free run, Line trigger, external trigger
CounterMax resolution:1Hz
Frequency Span Range0Hz(Zero Span) ,100Hz~Max frequency;Resolution:1Hz
SSB Phase Noise -90dBc∕Hz@10KHz<-100dBc∕Hz@10KHz<-95dBc∕Hz@10KHz ①
Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)100Hz~ 1MHz1Hz ~ 3 MHz
-3dB BandwidthResolution filter shape factor: < 5 : 1
Measurement Range+30 dBm to displayed average noise level(DANL)
Max Safe Input Level +30 dBm (1 W) ,DC:50V ②
Displayed Average Noise Level(DANL) ≤-128dBm, -140dBm(Typical value)≤-148dBm, -160dBm(Typical value)
Level Measurement Scale unit:dBm、dBmV、dBμV、dBμV/m、μV、mV、V、mW、W
Detectors: Positive peak, Negative peak, Sample, Normal
Level measurement error: ±(0.6dB+frequency response);frequency response:±1dB ; ±1dB (Typical value)
Reference LevelSetting range: -110dBm ~ +30dBm
Spurious ResponseSecond harmonic distortion< -70 dB③, Third order intermodulation distortion<-70dBc ④, Inherent residual response<-88dBm (Typical value) ⑤
RF InputN-Type female;50Ω nominal;VSWR: 1.5:1(10dB attenuation)
External InterfaceUSB、LAN、RS232 or VGA
Auto Measurement Functions Phase noise, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, third order intermodulation distortion, Pass/Fail, Standing wave ratio
DisplayDisplay Size and type: 8.5 inch TFT LCD; Language: English, Simplified Chinese
Power RequirementsAdaptor voltage: 100V ~ 240V; Rate: 50/60/400Hz; Power consumption≤35W
SizeWeight: ≤7 kg; Dimensions: 410mm×210mm×136mm
Optional Specification
Tracking GeneratorFrequency range: 5MHz(available to9kHz) ~Max frequency value
Output level: 0~ -20dBm (GA4032、GA4062、GA4064); 0~ -25dBm (GA4033、GA4063)
Output flatness: ±3dB (GA4062、GA4063、GA4032、GA4033);±5dB (GA4064) ⑥
Connector and impedance: N-Type female;50Ω(nominal value)
AM/FM Demodulation Measurement
AM DemodulationDemodulation Frequency: 20Hz~20kHz;
Demodulation Frequency error ≦±4Hz(modulation frequency≦1kHz); ≦±0.2%(modulation frequency>1kHz)
Demodulation Depth: 5%~95%; AM modulation error: ±4%nominal(modulation frequency<10kHz)
FM DemodulationDemodulation Frequency: 20Hz~50kHz(modulation frequency≦500Hz);
Demodulation Frequency error: ≦±4Hz(nominal modulation frequency≦1kHz); ≦±0.2% nominal value(modulation frequency>1kHz)
Frequency Offset:20Hz~100kHz( modulation frequency≦500Hz); 0.2%×modulation frequency~100kHz(modulation frequency>500Hz)
Demodulation Frequency error:<±5%( modulation frequency≦1kHz) ; <±4%( modulation frequency>1kHz)
PM DemodulationFrequency range: 20Hz ~20kHz; Phase deviation range: 0~10Rad;
Demodulation Frequency error: ≦±4Hz( modulation frequency ≦1kHz); ≦±0.2%( modulation frequency >1kHz)
Phase deviation error: <±0.04Rad(Nominal value Phase deviation<1Rad);<±4%( Nominal value Phase deviation ≧1Rad)
SINADMeasurement Range: 0~60dB Precision: ±1.5dB Nominal value
*Note Test condition: ①fc=500MHz,RBW=100Hz,VBW=1Hz;②Input attenuator set≥20 dB; ③The mixer level-40dBm, frequency: 1~1500MHz; ④Frequency space of two-frequency signal is more than 1MHz, The mixer level -30dBm; ⑤Input terminal connect 50Ω load, ATT:0dB ⑥50MHz、0dBm for reference ; “Nominal value”is calculate the expected performance based on theory, it does not ensure all of the product performance.

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