GA362x Network Analyzers

Technical Specification
Test Port Output(Source)
Frequency Range100kHz~8.5GHz 300kHz~3GHz
Frequency Resolution1Hz1Hz
Frequency Accuracy±5ppm(23℃±5℃)±5ppm(23℃±5℃)
Level Accuracy±0.65dB(50MHz,0dBm) ±0.8dB(50MHz,0dBm)
±1.0dB (relative 50MHz,0dBm)±1.0dB(relative 50MHz,0dBm)
Level Linear (0dBm) ±0.75dB(range in-20dBm~max output level)±0.75dB(-5dBm ~ +10dBm )
Output Level Range100kHz ~5GHz5~6GHz6~7GHz7~8.5GHz -45dBm ~ +10dBm
-55 ~+10dBm -55 ~+9dBm -55 ~+8dBm -55 ~+7dBm
Level Resolution0.05dB0.05dB
Harmonics(2 or 3 times)<-25dBc (Freq≤2GHz;range in+5dBm ,typical value) -25dBc(+5dBm,typical value)
<-20dBc(Freq≤8.5GHz;range in +5dBm ,typical value)
Non Harmonics Spurious<-30dBc(Freq≤8.5GHz;+5dBm, typical value) -30dBc(+5dBm,typical value)
Test Port Input
Max Input Level100k ~5GHz5~6GHz6~7GHz7~8.5GHz +10dBm
+10dBm+9dBm+8dBm +7dBm
Input Damage Level +26dBm ; ±35VDC +20dBm ; ±30VDC
Crosstalk 1~10MHz 10M~3GHz3~6GHz6~8.5GHz 1MHz~3GHz
-110dB -120dB -110dB -95dB -110dB
Test Port Input(Curve of Noise):
Test ConditionMax input level +10 dBm +10 dBm +7 dBm
Frequency Range100k~10MHz10M~4.38GHz4.38~8.5GHz
IF Bandwidth 3KHz70KHz70KHz
Noise Curve (Amplitude)0.003dBrms0.004dBrms0.006dBrms
Noise Curve (Phase)0.020ºrms0.035ºrms0.050ºrms
System performance after calibration
System Dynamic Range 1
Test ConditionFrequency range100k~10MHz10M~6GHz6~8.5GHz1M~1.5GHz 1.5~3GHz
IF Bandwidth10Hz/3kHz10Hz/3kHz10Hz/3kHz10Hz/3kHz10Hz/3kHz
System Dynamic Range102/82dB115/98dB97/92dB110/90dB110/90dB
Mark 1:Test port system dynamic range means the difference between test port rms of background noise and max output power of source. Effective dynamic range must consider the uncertainty and disturbance signal of measurement.
Orientation Index
Frequency100kHz~10MHz10MHz~3GHz3~6GHz6~8.5GHz1MHz~1.5GHz 1.5MHz~3GHz
Source Matching414036354135
Load Matching454337344844
Transmission Track±0.041±0.039±0.068±0.136±0.011±0.021
Reflection Track±0.040±0.040±0.060±0.070±0.015±0.029
Note: IF Bandwidth=10Hz;Environment Temperature is 23℃±5℃, deviation is Less 1℃ than calibration temp. 2 ports calibration. Need isolation calibration. N type calibration kit.

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