GA146X Microwave Signal Generator

Technical Specification
ModelGA1461GA1462GA1464Test Environment
Frequency feature
Frequency Range 5MHz ~12GHz5MHz ~24GHz5MHz ~40GHz
Frequency switch speed ≤ 20ms (Nominal value)
Internal time baseFrequency 10MHz
Accuracy < ± 0.1ppm (Nominal value)
Aging Rate< ± 8 × 10-10/ days or after 30 days < ± 3 × 10-8/ years (Nominal value)
Output Amplitude10dBm (Nominal value), 50 Ω load
Temperature effect< ± 1 × 10-8 , -20 to +70 ℃ (Nominal value)
External reference inputFrequency10MHz
Amplitude5dBm ± 2dB (Nominal value)
Impendence50 Ω (Nominal value)
WaveformSine wave or square wave
Amplitude Features
Amplitude switching speed Use step attenuator ≤ 20ms (nominal value); No use step attenuator ≤ 2ms (nominal value)
Amplitude Range≤ 2GHz-110~+25dBm-110~+25dBmThe technical and indicators are under the temperature between 15 ℃ ~35 ℃ , the indicators in the absence of harmonic options
≤ 12GHz-110~+20dBm-110~+20dBm
≤ 24GHz-110~+20dBm
≤ 40GHz-110~+15dBm
Resolution0.1dB(Nominal Value)
Absolute accuracy≥ -20dBm± 0.8dB (f ≤ 2GHz); ± 1.3dB (f ≤ 40GHz)
≥ -75dBm± 1dB (f ≤ 2GHz)); ± 1.5dB (f ≤ 40GHz)
<75dBm± 2dB (f f ≤ 2GHz); ± 2.2dB (f ≤ 40GHz)
Standing wave≤ 2GHz<1.4ATT=10dB
≤ 24GHz<1.5
≤ 40GHz<1.6
Spectral Features
Phase noise (SSB)dBc/Hz100Hz1kHz10kHz100kHz1MHz10MHzAt room temperature, the output power Rate measured at 0dBm
100MHz<-100 -107-115-127-143-150
250MHz<-100 -107-115-127-143-150
500MHz<-100 -107-115-128-143-150
1GHz<-100 -112-119-124-131-150
10GHz<-85 -107-113-112-115-133
20GHz<-78 -101-108-106-108-128
40GHz<-72 -96-102-100-102-122
70 ~ 200MHz<-40dBc
0.2 ~ 2GHz<-50dBc
2 ~ 20GHz<-50dBc
Non-harmonic1MHz ~ 2GHz<-80dBc> 1MHz offset; non-harmonic related to power supply line; <-60dBc, measured in the range of 1MHz to 40GHz
Modulation Features ( Pulse modulation option )
Pulse modulationBreaking ratio>60dB(Typical Value)
Minimum pulse width100ns(Typical Value)
Minimum period200ns(Typical Value)
External pulse inputMinimum impedanceDC coupling high impedance
Level logic3.3V-CMOS
Internal pulse generator option GASGSquare wave rate0.1Hz~5MHz (Nominal value)
Pulse period20ns~`10s(Rated value)
Pulse width100ns ~10s (Nominal Value)100ns~10s (Nominal value)
Adjustable trigger delay5ns~10s
Level logic3.3V-CMOS
General Feature
InterfaceLAN (100 Base T); RS232
Power 198~242V (AC) , 48~62Hz;70W Peak , 60W Mean
Working temperature0~55 ℃
Storage temperature-40~70 ℃
Working and Storage AltitudeUp to 15,000 feet (or 4,600 m)
WeightNet Weight: ≤ 8Kg
SizeHXWXD: 88mm × 370mm × 460mm

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