Advanced trigger settings

Various triggering options are available to capture any signal of interest with Edge, slope, video, pulse, width, alternating triggering modes. This gives you flexible observation, analysis signal types, saving the cost of testing. Alternative trigger mode is usually used to observing two non-correlated signals at the same time and users can select different trigger mode for two channels, which is a kind reproduction that analog oscilloscope function in the digital oscilloscope

Automatic measurement function

The full featured acquisition model and 32 automatic measurement functions help user to measure captured waveform parameters more accurately. Auto measure function can eliminate user error consumedly, and users will measure parameters what they need faster and more accurately using it. It also have an all measurement function that displays all the waveform parameters on the screen simultaneously according to measure kinds, and users can ready measure parameters value expediently.

Waveform Recording/Playback

Wavefomr recorder can record input waveform form CH1 and CH2, with maximum recod length of 1000 frames. This record behaviour can also be activated by the pass/fail test output which makes this function specially useful to capture abnormal signals in long term without keeping an eye watching it.

Automatic measurement function

Two reference waveforms can be stored into the internal memory and can be opened simultaneously, thus showing the sample and reference waveforms in comparison.

Small signal capture

Better noise function with excellent performance, accurately captures even the faint signal giving you the confidence in testing.

Signal persistence view

Display the signal path of the frequency. When acquisitions are stopped, the screen may show data from many acquisitions or the last acquisition. The past acquisition can be displayed based on 4 different time based options of (1-2-5-infinite).

FFT split–screen display

FFT waveform and its Channel waveform can display on split screen at the same time. In split display mode, the screen is divided is divided into two parts and each part is divided eight divides in vertical direction. That is similar to under the entire screen pattern simultaneously to observe two waveforms. This way will make users observe waveforms to be clearer and convenient.

XY mode display

Use XY format to analyze phase. In this mode the data is displayed as dots.

Waveform adjustable brightness

Waveform brightness adjustable at any time may be needed to clearly observe the waveforms. The screen displays parameter value and the waveforms are visible clearly and form a broad range of viewing angle.


Users may use the Pass/Fall function to carry on the product test. Through a series of setups, the oscilloscope can output the test result automatically which enhanced the product production efficiency greatly.

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